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Scone Tuesday 03 Aug All Meetings
Race 1 - Off Time: 4:50
Race 2 - Off Time: 5:25
Race 3 - Off Time: 6:00
Race 4 - Off Time: 6:35
Race 5 - Off Time: 7:10
Race 6 - Off Time: 7:50
Race 7 - Off Time: 8:30
Race 8 - Off Time: 9:10

COMMINGLED POOLS INTERNATIONAL RACE MEETINGS: Please note that if data communications with host operator are interrupted following applies:
* Combination of local and commingled pools on a race - host operator payouts and rules will apply for the current race.
Thereafter all commingled pools will be switched to local pools.
* Only commingled pools on a race - pools refunded.
Please also note with commingled pools that bets taken during extended betting hours cannot be cancelled.
Bets can only be cancelled during following timeframes:
MON-SAT: 9am to 10pm
SUNDAYS: 9.30am to 7pm*
* From 8am if racing in Singapore or Hong Kong