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Professional punters and bookmakers not included.
• Bet: R10.00
• Get: 25 points
• Additional Points: 0%

Example: For a R40.00 bet at the beginner level, you will get 100 points.
• Bet: R10.00
• Get: 31.25 points
• Additional Points: 25%

Example: For a R40.00 bet at the beginner level, you will get 125 points.
• Bet: R10.00
• Get: 37.5 points
• Additional Points: 50%

Example: For a R40.00 bet at the beginner level, you will get 150 points.
• Bet: R10.00
• Get: 50 points
• Additional Points: 100%

Example: For a R40.00 bet at the beginner level, you will get 200 points.

The loyalty program was made more lucrative for you from 01 June 2020. Click on the levels above to see the points that you now earn based on your tier.

At TAB online, we believe that loyalty should be rewarded and that loyalty starts from the day you place your first online bet with us! With this in mind we have put together loyalty levels that allow account holders to earn loyalty points on all real money staked on fixed odds and Tote on our site. These points can later be redeemed for betting credits that you can use at TAB online!

Everything happens in your TAB online account once you are logged in, giving you convenient and quick access to your well-earned loyalty points and ensuring that you never miss out!

Importantly, you will receive the loyalty points on your existing Telebet account only if the bet is placed on the new website .

Loyalty points can only be earned by betting on Tote and Fixed Odds or

  • For every R10.00 that you bet on any fixed odds market, you will earn 25 points at beginner level. The points you earn for every R10.00 bet will increase as you move up a loyalty level.
  • Single and Multiple bets apply!
  • Live Dealer Games bets excluded
  • Loyalty points are not earned on bets with odds of 1/10 or lower.
  • Only available to leisure punters. Professionals are excluded. Professional punters will be deemed so at the discretion of management.
  • You should know that by not maintaining your level status of intermediate, advanced or elite by means of the maintenance points, you will lose your level benefits and drop one level.
  • Log in to your TAB Online account and click on redeem loyalty points.
  • You have 90 days from the date on which you received your loyalty points to redeem them. If you do not redeem your points within this 90 day period they will automatically expire.
  • Accumulated loyalty points can be redeemed in increments of 5000.
  • Every 5000 loyalty points redeemed rewards you R5 in betting credits to use in your Tab Online account.

One of the best features of Tab Online’s fixed odds loyalty program is that it is tiered to bring greater benefits to you.

This is done by dividing the program into levels. The Status Points shown in the table below refer to the number of points you must have to be in that particular level.

The Maintenance Points refer to the number of points you need to earn in a month to stay in the Level that you’ve reached.

Here’s a breakdown of the Levels, Status Points and Maintenance Points:

Level Name Status Points Maintenance Points
Beginner 0 n/a
Intermediate 30,000 – 99,999 in 2 months 15,000 points per month
Advanced 100,000 – 249,999 in 2 months 50,000 points per month
Elite 250,000+ in 2 months 125,000 points per month

Please note: If you do not maintain your level status in a month, you will drop to a lower level and will lose any benefits you had at a higher level.

What are the benefits of being in a higher level?

Bigger rewards of course! The higher your loyalty level, the more points you earn.

Take a look at the table below which shows you how the percentage by which you accumulate points increases as you move up a loyalty level:

Tab Online Level Additional Points Earned
Beginner -
Intermediate 25%
Advanced 50%
Elite 100%